Coding Starts!

•12 December 2006 • 1 Comment

From this week on, we will start coding our system, XAST. Which part is to be done by whom is posted down in the “Work Split in XAST” announcement. Please double check your job!

Next week on Friday(22.12.2006), we need to show up our first coded part, the Graphical User Interface(GUI). It doesn’t have to be a fine and working code, but it only needs show up the GUI, nice and easy.


UML Sequence & Behavioral Diagrams

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This week, we must complete the documents of UML sequence diagrams (Bruegge page 213 – 214). For this time, we don’t have to draw the diagrams for all of our detailed use cases, but we have to choose one of the most important high level use case and draw the sequence diagram for it.

This high level use case that we choose to draw must be the most complex and the one with the most potential problems because while we are drawing this diagram, the main objective is to catch exceptions and maybe add new features or cases to prevent those exceptions. This way, at the end of the project, we may come up with a more stable and bug-free software.

 ADDITION: Behavioral Diagrams of a single class must also be drawn this week… (Look at the sheets handed out on Tuesday)

Class Diagrams Added

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According to our work split table (which shows the High Level Use Cases), we created the Class Diagrams of each High Level UseCase taking the detailed UseCases into account. In this work, we are showing the boundaries and entities at the same figure at the same time. You can see our Class Diagrams by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

Boundary and Entity Objects Added

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New project presentations has just added to the system XAST.

New documents concern more about the internal procedure of detaily described use cases which are interactiong in each other.

As time goes by, conceptions are narrowed and studies are inducted from genereal to special.

Now, it is time to work on boundary and its recipiant entity onjects.

* The Entity and Boundary Objects are considered and used in the class diagrams in detail, so the extra document about these have been removed from the project documentation schedule by the instructor. In other words, it will not be posted here.

Work Split in XAST

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As we have discussed in our previous meetings, the work split is as follows:

Özlem: Welcome and Login pages, Database Management, Edit Profile.

Berk: Administration and related pages.

Can: Calendar and its tools.

Hakan: Notes page, Messaging.

Alper: Reservations and its tools.

PS: Extra load may be added according to different coding procedures. Don’t forget, these are the coding work parts.

Shared Tasks

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We shared the tasks to create the UseCase’s of the rest of the project. Here is the list:

Alper: MakeReservations, ManageReservations, SeeReservations

Hakan: TakeNotes, Send&SeeMessages

Berk: ManageUserAccounts, ManageComponents

Can: UseCalendar, ManageAdvertisements

Özlem: EditProfile, Register

Each of our colleagues, must do the following:

  1. Detailed UseCase diagram. (Fig. 4-23 / Page 162)
  2. Detailed UseCase definition. (Fig. 4-24 / Page 163-164)
  3. Exceptions in detailed UseCase definitions. (Fig. 4-25 / Page 165) (PS: You should create the Exception diagram for every Sub Functions. (like AnnounceTournament in Fig-4.23))


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As 4th grade Computer Engineering students of Işık University, we welcome you to our CSE400 – Software Engineering project’s web site, XAST (eXtensible Activity Scheduling Tool). This site is basically created for announcing the details of the project, to keep daily notes and to share the links to the documents which we generate on Google Docs & Spreadsheets with our friends and colleagues. You can find the links on the bottom of this page in the Announcements part.